What is Food Focus?
  What is Food Focus?
  Food Focus is a comprehensive online food diary & calorie counter.
It works by helping you keep track of what you eat, your exercise and your weight.  Food Focus incorporates a vast UK food database so tracking your food is easy. Best of all, Food Focus helps you understand and change your eating habits which is key to losing weight.

Fad diets just don’t work. 
Food Focus is completely fad-free and is built on the weight-loss principals that food nutritionists and medical professionals widely endorse. 

Food Focus takes the hard work & confusion out of losing weight. 
Food Focus helps you understand the relationship between the calories your body burns each day and the calories you consume.  When you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight, likewise when you burn more than you eat you lose weight.  The principal is simple; however applying it yourself can be confusing and tedious.  We keep track off everything for you and take the pain our of losing weight.

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Food Focus promotes healthy & nutritious weight loss. To achieve permanent weight loss, nutritionists recommend that you don't skip meals and eat 3 balanced meals every day. This site does not constitute any medical advice and you should always get advice from your doctor on the nutrition, exercise and weight goals that are right for you.
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