Your food log
  Your food log allows you to easily track the food you eat each day...
  1. First select the correct date by either using the date arrows or by selecting a date from the calendar.
  2. Search our database for the foods you've eaten by typing a keyword into the search field (search for either the brand name or the food name, partial words are also OK).
  3. If you can't find a food in the database, click 'enter food' to enter the food manually. Simply type in the nutrition information found on the food packaging.
  4. 'Favourite Foods' allows you to keep track of foods you frequently eat. This allows you to quickly find your favourites and add them to your food log.
  5. 'Create Meals' allows you to combine foods that you frequently eat together. (For instance, if you commonly eat the same foods for breakfast each morning you can create a group of these foods and add this to your food log each day as a single entry).

Food Focus promotes healthy & nutritious weight loss. To achieve permanent weight loss, nutritionists recommend that you don't skip meals and eat 3 balanced meals every day. This site does not constitute any medical advice and you should always get advice from your doctor on the nutrition, exercise and weight goals that are right for you.
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