Your dashboard
  Your dashboard shows how you are progressing, whether you are meeting your goals and where you can improve your eating...
  1. The Body Weight box shows your current weight and your progression toward your weight goal
  2. The Calories (per day) box shows the daily average Net Calories (calories eaten minus calories burnt in exercise) compared to your Net Calories goal.  It also shows your average Calories Eaten (total calories not including exercise) and the amount of calories your body naturally burns each day.
  3. The Exercise (per day) box shows the average calories and minutes of exercise each day compared to your goal.  Your exercise goals are set-up on the goals page found on the ‘profile’ tab.
  4. Graphs

  5. Your Weight Graph shows how your weight has changed over time and how you are progressing toward your weight target.
  6. Your Net Calories chart show you the trend in your Net Calories (calories eaten minus calories burnt in exercise) compared to your Calorie Target and your normal Calorie Burn (calories your body naturally burns each day).
  7. The Meal Calories chart helps you understand when you are eating your calories each day.  Do you eat a lot of calories after work when you get home?  Are you skipping meals?  Your Meals Calories chart can help you spot opportunities to improve your eating habits.
  8. Your Calorie Mix Chart shows you how the relative proportions of fat, carbohydrates and protein in your diet compare with the British Nutrition Foundation recommendations.  For example, say the fat line shows +10% then you ate 10% more fat in your diet than recommended. Likewise, if the protein line is -10% you are getting 10% less protein in your diet than is recommended. Remember, keeping your fat consumption in check is important in minimising your calorie consumption and losing weight (there are more than twice the calories in a gram of fat than a gram of carbohydrate or protein). Therefore try to prevent the fat line rising above 0% on average.


Food Focus promotes healthy & nutritious weight loss. To achieve permanent weight loss, nutritionists recommend that you don't skip meals and eat 3 balanced meals every day. This site does not constitute any medical advice and you should always get advice from your doctor on the nutrition, exercise and weight goals that are right for you.
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